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I have a SAAS setup on AWS ec2 instances, on this application merchants can signup and register their business to provide services. I use Letsencrypt to create ssl certificate as soon as a merchant register on application to run their subdomain on https:// for example if I register as mybusiness name then my subdomain would be mybusiness.bookingsite.com and system will create ssl for this domain.

Now because of rate limits only few merchants gets their ssl certificate and others are not able to access their account because of in-secure connection issue.

Is their any way to increase the limit or create ssl without reaching the limit ?


Is that means all sites are sitting on the same root domain? (something.bookingsite.com?)

If so, could you please just request a wildcard certificate covering all subdomains of bookingsite.com? Instead of requesting a certificate per merchant?

Yes, you could request a rate limit exemption (Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt).

Let's Encrypt would impose a limit on all Let's Encrypt issued certificates. However, you could take advantage of ACM (Amazon Certificate manager) by using CloudFront & hence bypass all limits let's encrypt imposed.

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Yes they all are on same root domain

How can I request a wildcard certificate with letsencrypt ?

and how can I request rate limit exemption ?

Please use any APIv2 enabled clients to request an wildcard certificate.
Please note that you could only request wildcard certificate with dns-01 validation, which means you'll need to add txt record to your domains DNS.

To request rate limit exemption, you would need to fill in the rate limit form and submit (google form)

Thank you

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