Question related to DNS SRV entry request

Hi Friends,
I would like only clarification if possible, related to concerning what to include in the DNS letsencrypt request.
Do SRV entry come in be included in the certbot request?

For example I’ve Prosody (XMPP) operative and one of this entry is:

Should I request to add it into the my own cumulative certificate?

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I think a old stack overflow thread might be able to resolve your question:

Thank you


Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t get a certificate for a name that contains an underscore.

Just verified this against staging env using because it actually surprised me.

Error creating new order :: Invalid character in DNS name

Now I'm curious why the limitation exists. Underscores are valid DNS characters, right? Is this a CAB enforced limitation?

Yikes, now I’m even more confused. Sometimes it’s a wonder any of this Internet stuff works at all.

It does appear to be a CAB enforced limitation:

I don’t know the exact reasoning behind it.

Are underscores allowed in domain and host names ?
underscores at the beginning of a DNS record have been recently standardized for services
but certificates are not used for services as explained in the stackoverflow thread.

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