Question about ssl

I have generated an ssl certificate for a domain with certbot.

The server where that ssl was being applied can no longer be accessed. If I want to generate another ssl certificate for that same domain, should I wait for the previous one to expire?

Hi @axelalonzo,

No, you can have more than one valid certificate for the same domain name at the same time. They don't contradict or invalidate one another, and the existence and validity of the old one doesn't prevent the issuance of a new one.

Let's Encrypt does have rate limits which stop users from issuing certificates with the exact same certificate over and over again during a short period of time, but this is defined as "5 duplicative certificates per week", not "any duplicative certificates at all, ever". If you're migrating from one server to another, that's usually a perfectly legitimate reason to go ahead and request a fresh certificate on the new server... as long as you don't get in a habit of doing more than 5 such migrations every week. :slight_smile:


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