Qualys SSL Test shows revocation errors for many domains

We have about 10 certificates that were renewed today and are giving the below error on the Qualys SSL Test. Similar server signature errors show on our internal monitoring tool. One of the domains is https://www.canadalightingexperts.com/ and a url to test manually in a browser is https://www.canadalightingexperts.com/secure/login.aspx I do not see any outages on the status page or reports of similar recent issues from other users.

Revocation status Validation error
OCSP ERROR: Request failed with OCSP status: 6 [http://ocsp.int-x3.letsencrypt.org]

Looks like it's working now.

Perhaps the OCSP server wasn't ready the first time it was queried and the response got cached.

FWIW the OCSP query was working all along from my location.

The OCSP check on https://crt.sh/ is still showing unauthorized.


It’s “Good” now, after manually clicking on “Check”.

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