Problem with generate ssl

Its possible to reset my generate? :confused: I got much errors and first time to configure it and unfortunately miss my 5 generates per week. Can i have it reset fast? :frowning: or i need wait this fk… 1 week. ehhhhhhhhh

If you ran into the 5 certificates per identical set of FQDNs limit, one way to get around it would be to add another (sub)domain to the certificate you’re requesting. Any domain that you can solve an ownership challenge for would do.

Other than that, there’s not much you can do other than wait for the limit to expire.

In the future, I would recommend using the staging environment while testing, which has separate (and less strict) rate limits, especially to avoid the 20 certificates per registered domain per week limit, which cannot be bypassed like this. With certbot, you can do that by simply appending --staging to your command-line.

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