Problem with browsers recognizing renewed certificate

Can some tell me why after renewing my certificate (before expiration, after getting notification from Let’s Encrypt) the only browsers that recognize my renewed certificate are new ones; all of the browsers I used with my previous certificate are showing the version as being out of date and the site as not protected by SSL. Again, if I download and install a new browser no problem. Also, I am running Apache on a CentOS 7 machine.

You’re probably going to need to tell people more, best would be to tell people the web site, if that’s not possible you’ll definitely need to tell them more about what exactly you did and which exact browsers (versions, platforms) now don’t work.

My instinct is that it’ll turn out you’ve changed something and those “old” browsers are talking to an old version of your web site that still exists somehow and is configured with the old certificate. But hard to tell without a lot more information.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. Actually, I just realized that I was testing my new certificate with Webmin, and it is only when trying to get to it that the renewed certificated is not recognized, only the old one appears. This is obviously something I need to fix within Webmail. Sorry for calling MAYDAY, MAYDAY before looking more deeply into the issue.

Yes, that was it. Webmin’s SSL Certificate settings reverted to their default locations for my certificate.crt and private.key files after the renewal of my Let’s Encrypt certificate. Maybe a feature and not a flaw? :wink: Anyway the issue is resolved now selected the right directories for those files rather than the suggestions.

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