Problem with authorizing, not working

I’m having a problem while using the installer. Everytime I try to register ssl for a domain, I get an error saying that the authorization failed. I even tried manual mode, no success. What’s up with this? How can I fix this problem?

So apparently it’s a problem with DirectAdmin, since it does not support Let’s Encrypt yes.

Can you provide any more details on the error you are getting?

Do you have SSH access to the machine?

Personally, I have a setup that not currently supported by the automated client (already have services running on port80/443 which the client couldn’t auto configure for.)

I’m currently using the webroot authenticator method that creates the challenges and put them in webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/ which LE then checks.

And example of the command I run from ssh is:

./letsencrypt-auto -d -d --authenticator webroot --webroot-path /home/example/webroot/ --agree-dev-preview --server --rsa-key-size 4096 --renew-by-default auth

which will then put the certs in: