Private Messages - how does it work?

As a new member with a security issue; a senior member asked me to PM him.

This could be very useful indeed.
I am lacking ‘sound knowledge’ in this area.

I have a great deal of experience in many areas, and have posted well over 1,000 help responses across the net infrastructure.
I wrote a guide for a mission critical aspect of Ubuntu, that currently has over 900,000 views.
(I kept improving it, until they figured it should be in the guide section)

All my videos are ‘knowledge transfer’ videos.
Currently deemed unworthy of the ‘pitiful few quid’ that is anyway delivered once or twice a year, for their highly targeted 500,000 views

I have received some heart rending thanks.

My stock is good vis a vis the global community.
Any mod wanting to check out these claims, I’ll be happy to oblige the links,

I’m guessing that I haven’t reached the ‘Brownie Points’ to be afforded PM status.
However; I would like that switched on - or some instructions whereby I can plough through the ‘merit mark’ system.

Events are time linked.
They can slip through our fingers like sand.

I’ve bumped your trust level; see if you can PM now?

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Thanks jsha :slightly_smiling_face:

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