Post re API Announcements category

for some reason the post in the new API Announcements category doesn't show up for me on the main list

The post I'm referring to is;

Maybe because it's pinned ? not sure - but when I look at the main page of then I see a list of "all categories" posts ... but this specific post is missing from the list, hence commenting, as some other folk may miss that post. As a note, it did show up under the "New" list if I selected that, but does not show in the "Latest" list.

@jsha Any idea what might cause this?

Interesting, thanks for reporting! I had assumed that the post would show up in the main list. A theory as to why: When you create a category in Discourse, Discourse automatically creates a post called “About the … category.” This post is special: Until you edit it to have a description, the category will not show up in the category list. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was special in other ways, like not showing up in the main list of topics. I’ll post a separate announcement thread to augment this one.


Indeed, this is the case. Any other topic should show up normally.

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