Policy forbids issuing for my own domain name


I wanted to issue certificate for my domain stripe.cz and some its subdomains. The request failed with an error “Policy forbids issuing for name”. I assume that’s because the keyword in the domain name. Anyway I own this domain for over 13 years now and it surely does not harm anybody. Can anyone help here?

Policy forbids issuing for name - stripe.dk

Hi @jmach,

I’ll open a pull request to unblock issuance of stripe.cz. Unfortunately your request comes at an unlucky time and we’re in a code/config freeze for the holiday period. I’m afraid it may take into early 2017 to make this exemption. Thank you for your patience! I’ll update this thread when I know more.


Certainly not a problem, thanks.


Hi @jmach,

This should be resolved in production now.

Thanks again for your patience! I know this took a significant amount of time :frowning:


It works, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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