Plesk / Odin and LE support?

Hi !

I have seen posts on panels, but nothing specific to Plesk.
So, one quick question :

Will LE work with Plesk / Odin parallels panel ?

I guess this will come to others’interrest…

Thanks for the replies.


I don’t think anyone is working on this yet. We’re happy to see as much software compatibility and integration as possible, so if someone wants to try this out or pick this up, please let us know.

there must be someone from Plesk/Odin looking on this thread that can answer :smile:

Posted a poll on Odin / Plesk support forum : plesk /Odin support


Thanks! Feel free to let us know what the results are.

Currently only 6 votes only (66%) for. I urge people to vote for it in order to get it on Plesk 12.5…

Mirroring post from Plesk/Odin forum:

It would be possible, I think, to accomplish this with an extension. I
would be able to make a bash script to accomplish this, but, have not
sat down to take the time looking into making an extension. I may
initially create a bash script once releases their
initial utilities. Perhaps someone that is more of a programmer and
feels comfortable with the extension format and coding would want to
collaborate to make this happen?

by BoiseComputer

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I’ve done some work for another project using the Plesk API. I was just talking to my boss about the possibility of adding Plesk API support to but this is just a “maybe” at the moment.

A Plesk API client would not need to run as root - which many people who have servers on Plesk don’t get.

This would be wonderful!

I’m running on a virtual server and I do have root access, but this is a pre-configured package which is still on Plesk 11.0. Can this work on the older version or is it 12.5 only?


It seems the API existed on 11.0 too:

Plesk support has arrived!

Official plugin developed by Plesk for Plesk:

It only seems it has to be whitelisted - this is sill tracked in:


from Plesk and letsencrypt

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