Permission for letsencrypt status page to be used in 3rd party components


We are a hosting provider and would like to add the ( page from 3r party components. I have contacted Atlassian Statuspage Support. Their answer: “you will need to reach out to the admins of so that they may raise a ticket for it. Only then we can go ahead and add the page as a third party component.
“Hostinger” wants to pull components from "letsencrypt" status page no changes are being made to the letsencrypt status site at all, just enabling a setting so that it appears in the 3rd Party Components section for “Hostinger” to use.

Could you do this? Contact Atlassian Statuspage Support and mention this ticket ID (SPSP-23590) There is no additional fee, just need your confirmation and your logo.

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sorry for the tag. Can someone assist regarding this question?
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Is there a reason why Atlassian requires permission? Perhaps including that would help move this along faster.

Both Atlassian and Status-dot-io are paid platforms that charge for subscribers. Would your intended integration cost LetsEncrypt a paid resource?


Maybe, maybe not. offers 2000 subscribers for their "Standard" package. Let's Encrypt at minimum has this package, as the "Basic" (with just 500 subscribers max.) does not include a calendar subscription, whereas the LE page does offer that. So other 2000 or 5000 subscribers are possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how many subscribers there currently are, but I can imagine LE just has opted for the "Plus" package with 5000 subscribers max., so they won't have to deal with upgrading their account when the amount of subscribers hits 2000.

Personally, I will refrain from subscribing to keep the amount of subscribers to a minimum :rofl:


@Modestaso We're discussing this internally.


@Modestaso Would our status page be used for your staff internally, or would it be inside your hosting platform for your customers to see?


Hello, thanks for discussion.

I will try to explain this situation. There is some examples

  • CloudFlare
  • MailChannels

That option is available there under Third Party Components under the Components tab. -> components -> third-party

When something happens on the service provider side our staff will receive notifications on slack(internal). And Clients can check status directly from our StatuPage and monitor if something is not working correctly.

It is not additionally charged from Atlassian side.

It won’t affect the subscription.

The reason why Atlassian requires permission?

reason1: Logo will be needed from your end.

reason2: not sure I will write them again tomorrow.



@Modestaso You're free to pull our status page into your own status page. I'll send an email to Atlassian Statuspage Support. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


From Atlassian:

In order to add a Statuspage site as a 3rd Party Component for other customers, it needs to be a Statuspage product.

Our status page is from .


I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time.


Hey, that's ok. We all learned a thing and you were respectful enough to ask.


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