Performance / ssl negociation

My domain is:

I ran this command:
Test on pingdom or webpagetest

It produced this output:
SSL Negotiation: from 281 ms to 800ms

My web server is (include version):
Apache 2.2


I migrate to SSL with letsencrypt certificate. but i got performance issue.

When I'm testing with pingdom or webpagetest, the ssl negociation is always very long, between 200 to 800ms.

So for example I can have:

Request Start: 0.739 s
DNS Lookup: 60 ms
Initial Connection: 35 ms
SSL Negotiation: 638 ms
Time to First Byte: 264 ms
Content Download: 15 ms

So As you could see the ssl negociation is the worst part.
Is there any thing I can do?

You may first consider an upgrade of Apache. The 2.2 versions are no longer supported.

And you think this could affect in any way the performance of ssl negociation?

Many things can affect performance, you have to figure out, which. As a start, try upgrading Apache.

Do those sites also give verbose information about the SSL negotiation? E.g., detaild about the client and server timings for example, which could matter. In the negotiation, the client also has a rather big role.

Your RSA keypair is 2048 bits, which is good when talking about speed. If your keypair was 4096 bits, it would even take longer.

Where could I get Those verbose information.

About client, i know and that’s why i check through Pingdom and WebpageTest.
And it’s when i compare to my competitor that, mine seems slower

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