Oracle apex using let's encrypt

Hi everyone:

I am an Oracle Apex developer and I have been asked to incorporate the use of https for my Oracle Apex applications using Let's Encrypt.

I want to know if these certificates are compatible with Oracle Database and with Oracle Application Xpress (apex)

Can I deploy apex applications in safe mode on Oracle Application Server and Oracle Weblogic Server?

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Not sure this is the best place to find such an answer.
I mean, it may make better sense to ask:
How can Oracle Weblogic Server be secured with TLS? [to the proper forum or support channel]
If there exists an answer, then an LE cert should fit into the solution.
But since the key to a good LE solution is automation, that integration remains to be seen.

Long story short: If it is an app that uses HTTPS (or any other standard protocol that can be encrypted), then we simply need to find and follow a good "how to guide" and add automation, if not included.

In review the short story doesn't really seem that much shorter... oh well :wink:
Sometime I use too many words... and sometimes not enough. c’est la vie

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Thank you very much for your answer.
For now I need to know if I can publish my Oracle apex application using these Let's Encrypt certificates.
Has anyone done it, do they have a Let's Encrypt guide on how to do it?

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