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Hi. Sorry if this is a bit of a beginner question however I have used to create my site and they have provided me a certificate which I have used a plugin to upload to my wordpress website automatically.

I am now working with a CRM company who want to access the certificate to add the front end portal to it, but I unfortunately am unable to do this as I cannot access the certificate via nor the file directory of wordpress.

What could I do in this scenario? :frowning:


It seems that you are using really simple SSL (the WordPress plugin) according to KB. manages the certificate for you, that’s why you don’t have any certificate files. And really simple SSL is only installed to help you force all traffic to your site use https (instead of http).

If there’s another company need a certificate issued to your domain (or subdomains), I do suggest you to manually issue a certificate from web-based clients (such as or I also suggest you to request the CSR from that CRM company (instead of generate a key from the web clients) for security purposes.

Also, as you might using WordPress managed hosting, please use DNS based validation to generate certificate for the CRM company. (Which would require you to obtain the validation token from the instructions on the web based client, then enter it in your DNS hosting panel)

Thank you

Thank you for this, that’s a huge help for me!

I will give these steps a go and come back if I get stuck. :slight_smile:

I have a difficult time actually understanding what is meant here.

Could you please explain what the exact role of the CRM company is? What do you mean with "adding the front end portal to it"?

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