One Certificate for 1 domain and 2 subdomain

I have a little confusion here.
My scenario is like:
I have a public domain say and in my environment i need 3 certificates, 1 for, 2nd for and 3rd where “” and “” are my 2 subdomains.
Also, for subdomains i need JKS certs.
According to this scenario can anyone please suggest that should i go for SAN certificates by mentioning multiple -d parameters in single command or should i take wildcard certificate?
Also, if i am taking SAN cert by mentioning multiple -d parameters, will letsencrypt will verify all 3(domains & subdomains)?
Would appreciate any help here, Thanks in Advance.

If you take a wildcard certificate *, you need to add the domain to the certificate, because a wildcard is valid only for one level (not for or And the wildcard impose a DNS challenge.

Yes, if you use a SAN certificate for and you'll need to validate tree challenges.

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