On "Getting Started" I don't see any way to actually *GET* the SSL Certificate

I’m probably just being dense, but I’m obviously missing something. My host offers SFTP, crippled SSH at request, and I can run cron jobs, but…I don’t see any way to get a certificate on this site.
I just read the page a 5th time, and IIUC, it’s ‘no humans allowed’- LE only works by automation? That makes sense, of course, …once we get it set up.

Suggestion-if I am understanding this correctly, it’s blindingly obvious to you guys, but NOT to newbs. So to prevent a few dopey questions, you should lead off with, “The only way to get a LE certificate is automatically, through a script. This can be through SSH, a plugin for cPanel, etc., or a script (cron job) that runs periodically on your webserver or home computer.”

If you’re asking whether Let’s Encrypt provides a web interface to allow you to obtain a certificate through your browser - then the answer is no. However, there are several third parties who do - see the Browser section of the client list.

That being said, if you do have at least some limited ssh access and the ability to run cron jobs, you might be able to use one of the bash clients (also listed on that page), which could maybe make it easier to automate renewals.

That’s what I thought. I’ll post a help request for How-To using cron or SFTP, which are available. I have shared hosting (Namecheap-boo doesn’t easily incorporate LE, doesn’t have cPanel plugin.)
The Getting Started intro should probably mention LE ONLY runs through scripts?

Perhaps read it a 6th time? :wink:

I can clearly read:

If your hosting provider doesn’t want to integrate Let’s Encrypt, but does support uploading custom certificates, you can install Certbot on your own computer and use it in manual mode.

(With links to read further.)

In a paragraph above, there's a link to a big list to other third party clients, including webbased clients.

Am I missing something or does the "Getting started" already contains the answers to the problem you're suggesting? Or is it unclear somehow?

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