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Hi I am having Nginx Web Server which has outbounds blocked. Only inbound is allowed.

Earlier i used to generate the SSL from and use to deploy maually.

So my question is Is there a way to manually generate the cert.? using Certbot or any other client so that i will manually out the files for verification and once verified certs can be generated.

In such a case, you would not bother installing anything like Certbot on your VPS.

You could install Certbot on your own computer, or any other machine, and issue the certificate there. Once that is done, upload the resulting private key and full certificate chain to your VPS.

This is approximately equivalent to using sslforfree. Think of web-based clients as Certbot running inside your browser.

Certbot is now available for Windows, so you shouldn’t encounter too much trouble running it from any computer, really.

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Then I need to route the domain to this temporary machine right?
That will cause downtime.

Not if you can use DNS validation. You’d just need to make a TXT record.

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In addition to using DNS validation, you could also keep using HTTP validation, but manually create the validation files.

certbot certonly -d --manual --preferred-challenges http


certbot certonly -d --manual --preferred-challenges dns

Will get you started.

Again, this is more or less the same approach as using sslforfree.

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Thanks a lot, that will help. I will give a try and let you know.

Thanks a lot guys, It worked perfectly.

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