No challenge received for IDN domain


I’m trying to create certificates with diacritics. I use Acme PHP library. I tried to create a few certificates but I don’t get any challenges for them.
I use Punycode domain names when I request certificates.
Everything works fine for domains without diacritics.

For example:

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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Not without the actual responses from the ACME server, I recon.

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Hi @aleksandra.perunska


a wrong punycode.

What's your domain name?

PS: Replaced the wrong with the correct --, but it's wrong again.

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Hi, thank you for the quick response
The domain name is phénomé

It looks like the hyphen got replaced when I posted here. I got the punycode from and I’m sure it’s correct. Here it is formatted as code:

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Hmm somehow I’m getting challenges now without changing anything in my code. Strange.
I’m closing this and I’ll post a separate topic if I run into another issue.

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