No access to my nextcloud

today I have installed Let’s Encrypt on a Ubuntu 16.04 System with Apache2.4 per Certbot for view hours.
Is use this manual.
It work fine.

Now after 3-4 hours I doesn’t have access to my nextcloud.
Also 5 minuntes send the dns-client the ip-adress to dns.

If I take a ssl-test that work.

I am a linux newbie and I don’t know, where ist the mistake.

Can anybody help me please.

Thank you in advanced.

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Can you provide your domain name please ( assuming it can be reached from the general internet) so we can look.


The domain url are:

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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for that.

The domain name needs to be rather than - so hopefully you are specifying that.

You have an SSL certificate for your domain (from LetsEncrypt ) which is valid until Jan 17 2017. So have you got everything working OK now ? What specific issue are you seeing now ?

Hello Serverco,
I have create the SSL certificate to
Behind this domain name I have two subdomains.
a) Cloud and b) shop (building phase)

And I hoped the SSL certificate works with all subdomains.

If I am done with the shop they are transfare to the final domain.
After that I delete that on my server.

Can you see the login site from the cloud?
Yesterday I have the problem, sometimes I have access to the cloud or shop and sametimes not.
And a friend dosen’t can see the login site from the cloud.

Now it works, but i don’t know how long.

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The certificate will only be valid for the domain. If you want the certificate to be valid for subdomains ( and ) then you would need to include those subdomains in the certificate. or isn’t a subdomain of course - so will be fine.

Yes I could see the login for

When you can’t reach the login - is that after the IP address has changed ? are you going to the correct ( new) IP ?

If i understand correctly is it not correct to open the cloud or shop via or shop.

the correct path would are:

Is that correct?
But why does it work vice versa?

Regarding the IP:
I have installed a client from no-ip.
All five minutes they are change or send the actual IP adress to no-ip.

Before I change the to ubuntu server I use a xampp at windows. It works fine.

But nextcloud doesn’t works at windows.

Please tell me whether I need to change now or not regarding SSL certificate.

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That depends completely how you have configured dragoncloud and shop.

You can set it up to work either way around - which do you want ?

It works with DragonCloud because you have also configured your setup to work that way. Without seeing your configuration, and knowing how you'd like it set up, I can't say if it's correct or not. This is nothing to do with SSL certificates though, this is purely domain configuration and setup.

That will change your IP at no-ip, however some DNS servers will not change straight away, so your local ISP's DNS server ( which you probably use, or your friend uses a different ISP, with different DNS servers ) may not update for a day.

Before I can do that, you need to decide if you want to configure your sites to work on subdomains ( and ) or if you want it to work on the main domain ( and DragonCloud).

I would like to work with
The reason is. our total team know this link from oure old cloud.
I don’t know, my be they have installed the nextcloud/owncloud clients.

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For then your SSL certificate is perfect as it is - nothing needs changing on it.

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Thank you for your time and great support!

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