News! v2.0 is out

Hi guys, v2.0 is out.

There are a lot of improvements:

1. Unix-like command line api  --help

2. 100% compatible with 1.x command api.

If you are already using 1.x, don’t worry. you can just uninstall and re-install the new version.

And you can also use 2.x as the 1.x  issue /www/

2.x is 100% compatible.

###3. Support different webroot for each domain in the same cert.  --issue  \
-d  -w /wwwroot/  \
-d -w /wwwroot/

###4. Support different authentication methods for each domain in the same cert. Hybrid usage:  --issue  \
-d   -w /wwwroot/  \
-d   --dns  dns-cf \\
-d   --apache

###5. Two different debug levels to provide useful debug info. --debug or --debug 2  --issue .......   --debug  --issue .......   --debug 2

###6. Support to install fullchain.cer after renewal.
###7. Better performance.
###8. A lot of bug fixes.

More example see the wiki:


nice that hybrid authentication looks interesting :thumbsup:

Hi @eva2000, was just renamed to, all the configurations and macros are 100% compatible.

just the name is changed.

Please update your code. Thanks.

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wow things are happening fast…

thanks for the heads up !

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Please use the new api instead, and it’s not suggested to define and use Macros anymore, maybe the Macros will be named in future.

please use the new command line parameters, all the public parameters are stable.


Just AT EVA2000

you mean as opposed to /root/ ?


Just use /root/ is ok.

I don’t mean the bash alias, but I meant the command macros, such as “DEBUG=1” , “LE_WORKING_DIR” etc, as example.

Use the new command parameters instead: --debug or --home instead.

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Forget to AT @eva2000

thanks for the clarification do you have a link to the info and outline for these changes ?

Here is the wiki page:
You can find the usage here.

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@eva2000 forgot to AT eva2000

thanks @Neilpang :+1:

Is there a way to append SANs to an existing certificate using or do you have to run it again using all domains every time?

something like --append -w /var/www/something -d -d
which would add new1 and new2 subdomains to the certificate

There is no append operation in the acme protocol.

However, with, each time you use --issue command, it will use a new CSR, including all the new domains.

So, you can use like:  --issue  -w /var/www/     -d   -d  -d

All the three domains will be re-verified by acme protocol, then a new cert including the 3 domains will be created.

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@Rathian Oh, just at.

Okay I see.
This might get confusing having a lot of subdomains, so I’ll probably end up just editing the config file and run a force renew.

Yes, I prefer to use --issue instead of editing the config file and renew.

@Neilpang thanks for your awesome work on client. I’ve now decided to do a total rewrite of my letsencrypt integration into my LEMP stack using instead :slight_smile:

That is great! Thanks!!