New webserver how to setup before dns switched

I am setting up a new webserver, we have moved our sites to the new server but have not switched dns yet. We were hoping to get everything set up, clone the server to multiple other servers for use behind a load balancer. We wanted to have the SSL up and running before we switched the DNS. Our current sites do not have HTTPS and are on an older/different OS etc… so we were hoping to see everything working and get some testing in before we actually switched to the new webservers.

Is there a way to get the certbot certs installed before the DNS is pointing to the servers so we can avoid downtime?

Hi @jrm213

you can use dns-01 validation and --manual. So you have to create a dns txt entry, but you don’t need to have a running webserver.

Then install the certificate, that should work, if your vHost settings are correct.

Later, you can test your configuration without a dns entry.

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