New to Letsencrypt. Some questions

Complete newb to using LetsEncrypt. So wanted to get a steer on if I can use it to add certificates to the following I have on my home Network;

Have a couple of PiHoles on 3b boards, an UNraid server - running a PLEX Docker. And probably my modem/Router.

I’m getting better using CLI - so this would be a good tome to expand on the at area.

Grateful for a steer or crib sheets/instructions.



Hi @HelsiBorlis

may be.

Start with some basics:

The first two are minimal. If that's done, may be select a client.


Another worthwhile thing to consider here:

Do you have your own domain name? Let's Encrypt currently only issues certificates for publicly-registered domain names.

Are your home network devices ever accessed from devices that you don't own? If not, it might be easier to make your own internal certificate authority.

If you do want to use Let's Encrypt here, you may also want to consider which challenge types are possible for your situation (especially if not all of the devices can receive incoming connection from the public Internet).


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