New iOS 13 certificate requirements

I work in a casino that uses an application called Floor Focus, and it lets me track various bits of information about the current status of play on the floor. The issue is that we use iDevices that we can carry with us on the floor.

We have had some of these devices become “Bricked” for use in the floor focus application because the current certificate used is SHA-1 (iOS 13 requires SHA-2) and the certificate is good for 40 years (iOS13 requires 825 days or fewer). Now I am looking at needing to get a new certificate that will fall within that requirement from iOS 13 and was told the best way to do so would be to use a 3rd party company (Let’s Encrypt was mentioned as a good option) but I do not know what the next steps would be in getting this corrected. Any help/insight would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Jbrisco

how works your application? Is there a public domain name? That's required.

Read some basics.

If you have a domain name, then select a client.

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I think whether you can viably use Let's Encrypt is going to depend on how the Floor Focus server is hosted. Are you running it on a casino server, or is it run by a vendor? Is it accessible from the internet or is it on an internal network only?

Most of the information you will find about Let's Encrypt is going to be relevant to operating a public website on the internet. Things can get a little complicated with more exotic use cases.

I have a suspicion that it might be easier for you to acquire a 2-3 year certificate from a commercial vendor like Digicert or Sectigo, but if you can answer some of the above questions, that would help


If possible, you could intercept the TLS and use a proxy server to satisfy the iOS 13 request requirements and leave the 40 year certified systems untouched.

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