New Exchange 2013 Standalone certification



After saw that let’s Encrypt work flawless with our webs (all on linux) i want to start using it for our mail server, in this case Exchange 2013 over windows 2012 R2.

Is a standalone server since we a small (30 users) company, we have both front and back end on the same server, as well as all services. Right now we are using self certificate from our Domain CA and you know what issues that brings, not trusted by externals.

There is any guide to setup up this for OWA/Activesync and local outlook clients on a standalone exchange?

Thanks in advance


Microsoft should have documentation on how to implement trusted certs; But I couldn’t find any (specific to Exchange 2013).
[Microsoft/TechNet sites returned only Exchange 2016+2019 info]

A quick web search, however, returned:

Anyway, that part is probably best found in an Exchange/Microsoft forum.

The information on (a start to) the cert portion can be found here:
[scroll down to Windows / IIS]

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