Certificate to Exchange 2013

Hi support,

I have an Exchange 2013 server. My certificat will expire soon. I see your Let’s Encrypt certificate. That interested me.
I see these webcast that good explain how to do : https://www.netometer.com/video/tutorials/How-to-Install-LetsEncrypt-Certificate-in-Exchange-Server/
I would like to do that but I can’t find the ACME-Exchange.ps1 script. Do you have this script ?

If not, how can I install the certificate for my exchange ? (one CN + one SAN) and how can I automatically renew the certificate after 3 month ?

Many thanks for your help
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Hi @serviceinfo

there is a list of windows - clients:

There you can find

ACMESharp PowerShell module written by Eugene Bekker

Thanks for your answer but I don’t understand…
The script ACME-Exchange.ps1 is not include in ACMESharp PowerShell module written by Eugene Bekker
Where can I find it ?
Many thanks. Best regards

Looks like this isn't from Eugene Bekker:


says: Download available to subscribers.

Thanks for your answer.
I’m not subscribe to this website :frowning:
Do you have a script that does that ?
Many thanks
Best regards

I don't use Exchange. And I don't have such a script.

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