My domain is:

Using Cpanel, had my hosting provider install the a certificate I obtained from ZeroSSL. I am getting this error and hosting provider is unable to figure out the issue. Any suggestions? Cheers!


Hello @HF_Canada

your certificate has only one name -

So it’s invalid used with

Create a new certificate with ZeroSSL with two names: and

This certificate should work. And a rewrite or other (301) from to


Strange, the CSR I generated was for Requested Extensions:
X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:,

Do I need to generate a new CSR before obtaining another certificate?


I don’t know why your certificate doesn’t contain two names. May be a problem when generating the CSR, maybe a problem of ZeroSSL, which does not support two names.

There are some CSR-Checker (search csr check)

Your certificate starts today and is signed by Letsencrypt.


You did indeed:

But after that, you got a certificate for only www:

Is it possible you made a mistake somewhere and sent the wrong certificate to cPanel?


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