Need to encrypt cname

I need to encrypt multiple cname domains in a laravel project programmatically. Need help on that how can I do that.

It's probably a good idea to first start with some reading about Let's Encrypt:


If you have more specific questions after reading those documentation pages (and possibly any of the other informative Documentation - Let's Encrypt pages available, including the Challenge Types - Let's Encrypt and Staging Environment - Let's Encrypt pages), feel free to ask.


Thankyou Osiris for your response, I just want to know if let's encrypt provides any api or package by which I can encrypt my cname. Because I want to automate this process.

There is little provided (by LE) outside of the ACME protocol itself.
If you can use an ACME client to obtain cert(s) for your name(s), then off you go.

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@rg305 Actually we are providing whitelabel in our project , where user can add a whitelabel, and now I want to encrypt all the whitelabel subdomains .

@rg305 and obviously I need to automate this.

Are you the host (server) of those whitelabel websites or DNS zone? If so, I don't see any issue with getting a certificate.

Also, automation is key with Let's Encrypt. So that matches well with your own criterium of automation.


The best option I can recommend for your application design is to terminate SSL on a proxy server or gateway that can implement "autossl" or "automatic ssl" - in those servers the system will try to procure a LetsEncrypt certificate on-demand. That requires no work on your clients, other than setting the CNAME. Most of these systems offer Cloud or LAN storage of the certificate credentials, so they can be shared by multiple servers.

I believe the Caddy server offers this by default; and there are extensions to Nginx, Apache and HAProxy that offer this. I'm not sure about Varnish.

There are more advanced options as well.
I released/maintain Peter SSLers, which offers a mix of autossl for nginx along with an API driven system.
GitHub - aptise/peter_sslers: or how i stopped worrying and learned to love the ssl certificate


@rg305 thankyou so much for your response.

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