Name does not end in a public suffix


Hi all,
Please can you add .ss ( to supported public suffix.
We are trying to create SSL certificate for some domains under .ss but all failed with this error:
The request message was malformed :: Error creating new order :: Name does not end in a public suffix.

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@lestaff, this is the TLD for South Sudan. So far two other CAs have issued for it at various times


What is the domain name you are trying to issue for?


FYI, @schoen, the entries listed in that have .SS in the Subject but not in the SAN.

.ss does appear to be in the IANA Root Zone Database:


It’s not in the Public Suffix List at all yet. :grimacing:

What even is the procedure for adding a new ccTLD to the Public Suffix List? It doesn’t exactly happen often.

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Maybe one of the people mentioned in the Delegation Record could submit it?

I was going to say that we could submit it ourselves because it’s easy to verify that .ss is a ccTLD (and the PSL policy document doesn’t explicitly say that ccTLD submissions are limited to the domain operator the way “private” entries are!), but then I realized that we don’t know the intended subdomain structure (for example, whether people will be able to register names directly under .ss or whether there will be public suffixes like,, or whatever—and that information is necessary for the listing).


FYI, we’ve got a PR open to update zlint to handle this and one other new domain, where it’s also pointed out that .ss is not yet in the PSL:

@mustafa_cocca, are you involved at all in the registration of .ss? Would you like to ask for inclusion on the Public Suffix List?

#8 definitely exists – they use it for one of the TLD’s nameservers,

If there was a solid public list of SLDs, anyone could submit it.

On a different subject, there are South Sudan-related sanctions. I dunno if any of them are broad, but legal might want to check. It would be ironic if a bunch of SLDs had to be blocked.


That’s a good point, I’ll have Josh check.

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