My main domain has SSL and my subdomain dont have SSL

Ahh i see how can i fix this Certificate name mismatch for

As it should; The only useable cert has other names on it:


so thats means i need to generate new certificate for this subdomain :thinking:

Side note (not to derail the focus from @rg305 and @danb35 help):

Details on Apache can be found in documentation and forums:

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The (simple) order is:

  1. HTTP site
  2. Certificate (using 1)
  3. HTTPS site (from 2)


  1. skip HTTP site
  2. HTTPS (via any cert)
  3. Certificate (manually)

so if i understand it right i need to remove rn cert for and generate new one ?

Actually, there is no substitute for knowledge.
Reading (even the man page / documentation) is better than tackling something new "unprepared".

So. your post is very relevant (and the best long-term solution to this and any such future problems).


You can leave it as is.
It just won't work (securely) until you get a real cert for it and use it.


Why it wont work can't i use free one for that also ?

The site will keep throwing security errors until you get (and use) a cert with that name on it.
That's what I meant by "won't work (securely)".


So thats means i need to buy 2 differen't certs or i can use 1 for both ?

Hello @Nelixus159123, welcome to the Let's Encrypt community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you working with @Nolife159159 on the same set of domain names?

In general the first time someone post is a new Topic, but it seems you are working the,, and issues. Two (or more) people one problem is fine.

Just trying to understand the audience I am communicating with.

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Yeah im the same person just had to create new account cause @Nolife159159 got this

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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so i can't do something like this?

sudo certbot certonly --standalone -d -d -d


But the certs are free.
So, you won't have to:


I would like to encourage @Nelixus159123 to carefully read both of these:

... mainly in order to understand the differences between --manual, --standalone, and --apache in Certbot (and why one might choose to use each one).


What u mean by certs are free ?

Well somehow got it working

Let's Encrypt certs are free