My Domain is missing in the List “Which domains would you like to activate HTTPS for?”


a specifig domain is missing in this list. If I’m going to install it with “#certbot -d domain” the script says at the end, successfully installed, but if you call the https site - there comes a “Its not safe” browserwarning.

How does the certbot script creating those list?

Please show the output of the command certbot certificates and specify the real affected domain name.

@bytecamp That command is for when certbot already has a certificate. @JustDoFitness is before that state in the process of getting a certificate issued: certbot doesn’t recognise all the hostnames which are specified in his Apache’s configuration.

@JustDoFitness How does the Apache configuration of the hostname you’re not seeing in certbot look like? Can you post it?

The output isn’t saying anything, because it shows me the domain which works pretty fine so far.

I’ve already “#certbot delete” the buggy install already.

@Osiris the file looks like the one I’ve already got installed and running, just the domainname / directory is changed.

I don't think so. The OP clearly states that certbot has created at least one certificate.

But he asks about how certbot generates the list presented with the apache or nginx plugin :slight_smile:

So if you'd like to help the OP with something he didn't ask (which might actually be a good thing, I know), you might want to explain a little bit more instead of asking things of him/her he doesn't want to do, because he's "fixed" on another problem.

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It reads the webserver's configuration files from various well-known places.

… and the “well-known” place in this specifig config is where exactly?

/etc/apache2/sites-available … and?

Update: I’ve deleted the old apache config file and created a new one (cp/paste from an existing working fqdn) and now it works 50%: it shows https with an “i” - that means: “… the connection is not completely secured”, therefore only “50%” (not 100% sure of the number, just targeted over the thumb (as we in germany say lol))

This is most likely due to "mixed content". You can analyse this with the help of

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