Multiple TLD's for single site issue

I have a TLD plus an number of other TLD’s which point to the main TLD and set up as aliases. Creating the cert works fine and also re-directs to the main domain if you just enter or However if you use or it doesn’t work as it defaults to the site set up as the servers default main server.

If on the other hand I set up the additional domains as sub servers and then a website re-direct it works fine. The problem with this is that now the cert won’t renew as it throws errors as it says it receives an invalid response from the sub servers acme-challange.

The site is Wordpress

Centos 6.8
Apache 2.2.15
Virtualmin / Webmin

You do realise that “TLD” is an abbreviation for “Top Level Domain”, such as “.com”, “.net” or “.org”? :hushed:

Yes I know what a TLD is hence the question. The different domains are variants of the main domain but anyhow that doesn’t answer my question.

I see, since you have several TLDs you will be aware that the CA/B Baseline Requirements forbid issuing for TLDs, because as FQDNs they’re basically indistinguishable from bare unqualified DNS names, which the CA/B members only got rid of a few years back so we’re in no hurry to go back there.

If your TLDs are Specification 13 Brand TLDs then the CA/B may eventually decide it wants to issue for these TLDs, or allow wildcards where the wildcard appears directly left of the TLD e.g. *.google but maybe not.

On the other hand of course if, despite your insistence, you actually didn’t know what a TLD is and just want help getting HTTPS working for a bunch of different domain names like then your subject line isn’t helping you, this is a configuration mistake in your Apache / Wordpress setup and people who know about that would most likely skip past based on the subject…

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