Multiple hosts behind single address

I have a peculiar setup where there are multiple servers, each running nginx on port 90, which connect to a single server, on which another port is then redirected back to that host.

eg -> -> ->

I could see one solution that would be to install nginx on to do the port forwarding (I’m not sure what is doing it at the moment, I don’t have access to that server currently), and to setup https there, but that would only encrypt between the client and (not the redirect back to the real host). I really would like to have end to end encryption.

Is there anyway of having 1 certificate and sharing it between all the hosts (and dealing with renewal nicely…)

Since all three sites are stacked on one name/IP, you probably can get and use only one cert.
Where the problem comes in is that you say you don’t have access to the server doing the redirect and the ports used are not 80 nor 443.
Without that control option you may be limited to obtaining certs via DNS challenge.
Are you able to make DNS entries in the “” zone?

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