[solved] Single nginx server multiple domains


I been trying to figure this out with no luck so far

I have the following in one server with nginx and TLS SNI support enabled.

domain = example0.com
nginx hosts = /etc/nginx/sites-available/example0.com
path = /var/www/example0.com

domain = example1.com
nginx hosts = /etc/nginx/sites-available/example1.com
path = /var/www/example1.com

domain = example2.com
nginx hosts = /etc/nginx/sites-available/example2.com
path = /var/www/example2.com

I was able to setup a certificate with letsencrypt for one site, but cant manage to get all 3 to work, any ideas?

Thank you!

What did you try?
If you want a single cert with multiple domains on it:
It could be as simple as adding
-d example0.com -d example1.com -d example2.com
to your command.
If you want separate certs, then you could rerun the same command (once for each domain).

was able to rerun the same command for each and that worked, thank you!

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