Multiple Domains on 1 IP

First of all, i want to say hi and the installation worked fine.

i started with letsencrypt-auto and choosed there my testdomain, i run trough the menu and also here is everthing perfect.

then i wanted to do that also with other domains, i can run again trough the menu with letsencrypt-auto, choosed the other domain and it shows me no error, but if i go it says, that the certificat is a other owner, when i checked it, it was the ssl certificate from my is there a possibility that i have more different domains on 1 server with 1 ip adress?

sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Just run the client with multiple -d flags to get a cert that works for all of them.

like that: ./letsencrypt-auto --apache -d -d ?

Yes, it’s also a good idea to add --expand to replace one of the existing ones.

its still not working, the lock in the url adress line is orange and it says: validated from: unkown

i think thats the reason, someone has an idea to fix that?

Sounds like you have mixed content (images loaded over plain HTTP). Check to see where the problems are.

problem solved, yes it was mixed content problem. thx for your support!