Multiple config files, one renewal due, challanges performed for all domains

I created several certs for several domains. All these certs have their own configuration file which is checked by certbot on a daily basis for renewal.

Now the first certificate was due to expire in 30 days. What has happened then is that certbot detected this. After what it however performed the challenges for all domains configured in all my different configuration files and not just for the domain due for renewal. Then, this is ok again, it renewed only the cert which was due for renewal.

What irritates me a lot is that the challenge was done for all domains and not just for the domain with the cert due to renewal. I do not think that this is expected behaviour so Iā€™d rather ask here if I messed up something. Perhaps this is even expected or a bug or ā€¦?

Thanks for your time.

This sounds a little odd ā€¦ can you provide the domain names for the cert that was renewed ?

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It indeed does. However I now found out that this config file actually included all these different domains. I was the very first time I tried to get letsencrypt rolling and at that point I somehow figured that all websites from this test server could be included into one cert. To conclude: I was the only odd thing in this scenario. Time to decommission this config file.

Thanks for having a peep and looking at it. Great community here. Much appreciated!

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