Moving domain from DigitalOcean to AWS Route53

I currently have a domain on DigitalOcean which uses DNS-01 challenge (Traefik) and now I want to migrate this domain to AWS Route53, so I have a couple of questions:

  • I noticed that there are a couple (11) TXT records (_acme-challenge.{myDomain}) Do I need to move all of them into my AWS Zone?

In order to do the correct migration with no downtime, these are the steps that I was going to follow:

  • Replicate all DNS records into AWS Route53 (including DNS challenge ones)
  • Transfer the domain to AWS
  • Update Traefik to use AWS route53 DNS challenge

Could you advise if this is the best way?


Hi @jcalonso

looks like your Letsencrypt client didn’t remove these TXT entries. You can delete these.

New certificate -> new order -> new challenges -> new TXT entries.

So all older entries aren’t relevant.

Thanks @JuergenAuer this solves my questions :slight_smile:

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