Migrate website to a new server


I have a website in the server A and I want to move it to server B, I know I can move the certs or simply issue a new one, my question is, is there a way to do this without downtime? I prefer to issue a new one but in this case I need to change the dns to point the new server but since that moment the website will be untrusted, once the dns is propagated I can issue the new cert and everything else but there will be like 1 minutes where website will be down…

My server is working with docker, each website is a container and when I need to create/renew a cert I’ll spin up a container with certbot…any suggestions?

many thanks

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You can use DNS challenge to issue the new certificate without changing the IPs (A and AAAA records), then set up your new server and only after switch out the IPs. Note that it might be easier to use DNS challenge once in without enabling renewal and then once you move enable any other challenge method (e.g., HTTP-01).

Read about challenges here:


Also, how many containers do you have? Some solutions can be fine for, e.g., 5 containers because you can deal with them manually; but if you have 500 containers, you’d want a completely different, more automated, approach.

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