Move HTTPS certificate to another server

I would like to move my HTTPS certificate to another AWS server.

  • Is it okay to copy my certificate files to another server or should I revoke my certificate and ask a new authentication with BNCERT TOOL from my new server?

  • What file or folder should I copy ? All my folder /opt/bitnami/letsencrypt ? or just the .crt, .issuer.crt, .json, .key of my /certificate folder ?

My HTTPS certificate is still on-going but I don't succeed to use it anymore (it was working since April to September). As I don't know the problem (I asked here: HTTPS certificate not working), I received the advice to start a new instance.

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There is no need to revoke the cert for a move.

If you don't need the exact same cert, you could just ask for another one.
If you need it before the DNS IP is changed, then you may need to copy the current one over (securely).
If you can have a few minutes of "downtime"...
You could change the DNS IP to the new server and request a new one.
The new server won't be able to serve HTTPS content until the cert is obtained and it can't be validated without first changing the DNS IP.
[presuming you are validating via HTTP]

Whew! O K. Any questions?

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Don't move the certificate, my friend. :slightly_smiling_face: Just acquire a new one with bncert on your fresh instance. You will save yourself from massive time loss and hideous problems.


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