Move from apache to nginx - How to Update Certbot

HI everyone,

i installed lets encrypt along with auto renewal while i was using apache. Several months ago i moved to Nginx, and today can’t access my website because certificate expired. Which i’ve never encountered before. I assume this because the webserver migration.

I followed digitiaocean tutorial to install and set the autorenew here

Anyone know what should i do now? install and just set a new certificate with same domain in this nginx app ?


Hi @Hilmanrdn

What challenge did you use with Apache?

The easiest way be to get new certificates issued via zerossl. Add these somewhere resonable and then configure them as per the Mozilla TLS guide.

You can then spend some time configuring certbot to work with your NGINX server.

There are plenty of online articles on how to do that


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hey @ahaw021 thanks for the guide.
I followed again the digitalocean tutorial for nginx
and thanks god it solved.
thanks !

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