More records in the SSL certificate subject


Hello Let’s Encrypt community, I have a question that maybe you can help me solve. I want to include a record O and C in my SSL certificate but I see no option, nor is whether it is possible to include it.

O=Dev Jougito S.L.

If you can comment me as you can do or if you can be very grateful.

Greetings, Jougito


Hi @Jougito, this limitation is deliberate. Certificate authorities are only permitted in include subject information whose correctness they can verify. Let’s Encrypt has no way to verify these other facts about a certificate applicant and so is not allowed to include them in the certificate.

Although it might be possible to set up a system that would allow verifying people’s country or organizational identity, it’s not clear that it could be done in a fully automated way. Being 100% automated is important for Let’s Encrypt because that’s how we’re able to issue certificates at no charge.

If you need a certificate that includes these fields, you might want to look at other certificate authorities that issue Organization Verification (OV) certificates – something that Let’s Encrypt doesn’t do.


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