Migrating clients - renewing cert

So I am migrating over from using Win-ACME-Simple to using Certbot.

Certbot is installed correctly. I didn't make any changes yet to where the server looks for the .pem files (currently pointing to the ones made by Win-ACME-Simple.

Everything works for the "staging" environment, but when I do a production run, Certbot says that it won't renew because the certificates are not due for renewal yet. Which certificates is it talking about? The certs created by Win-ACME-Simple or the certs made by Certbot in the staging environment? Do I have to wait until the certs made by Win-ACME-Simple to expire in order to get certs from my new client "Certbot"?

Or is it simply a matter of deleting the certs made in the staging environment by Certbot, then telling Apache to look at those certs?

I think it's referring to the certs it created itself (staging), you can force renewal with --force-renewal

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You can doublecheck your currently "active" (in certbot) certificates with the command:

certbot certificates

If the cert is from the staging environment, it should say it's an invalid test certificate at the certificate status.

If the cert is indeed from the staging environment, you can force it to renew as @webprofusion stated indeed.

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