Migrate certificates from one server to another?

I would regenerate, but I hit a rate limit and also waited more than a day… So I already have the same certs on another server, but I’m unsure about how to move them to the server that needs them (which already has the domain pointed to its IP).

So it seems intuitive to move these into the same directories on the other server:

However, there is as well:
account_key.json -> …/accounts/acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory/default.json

If two servers have the same default.json is it a problem? I would hate to snowball this probably due to lack of knowledge of how letsencrypt works…

Hi @LetsActuallyEncrypt

check your webserver. There are two or three rows in your port 443 vHost.

There are the files you need. May be only key.pem and fullchain.pem. May be more.

Copy only these files to another place. Then use these files with your new configuration.

A few days later, install a new certbot.

Thanks - that’s what I was looking for… But not comfortable to pull the trigger until I’m more certain than “maybe” :slight_smile:

OK well… For those with future interest… This did work. I moved all pems and not the account_key.json of all certs in nginx_certs from one server to another. So far so good!

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