Microsoft Mail and STARTTLS on IMAP

Hi Friends,
Reading here, seems that Microsoft Mail (Windows 10 and earlier) doesn’t support IMAP on STARTTLS.
Could you confirm?
And eventually what do you think about?

Many Thanks!



I’m not sure if Microsoft Mail application even exist in Windows 7… Since I personally don’t use Windows 8, I have no way to confirm this issue.

Besides, this is a forum primarily for Let’s Encrypt certificate experiences, if you have encountered issue with Windows Mail, you should bring the issue directly with Microsoft Support team…

P.S. I think it’s pretty bad to not support StartTLS on Windows Mail, if the claim is true.

Thank you

Only to be clear: I do not recommend anyone to use Microsoft products, ever!
I just wanted to understand better.
Is there are Microsoft in the Letsencrypt consortium? :thinking:

Thanks again!

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