Maximum week limit of 20

hi uhm maybe this is a noob question but i just cant figure it out

i have a dedicated server and running directadmin with the letsencrypt
wonderfull :slight_smile:

i have a user that has like 150 domain-pointers as an alias and 10 domains as pointer
when going to the SSL i can select 20 domains per week( however when i select 20 other domains it overrides the old certificate

how do i get it to work on all 150 alias domains?

greets from sylvester

I have no experience with DirectAdmin, but Let’s Encrypt has a few rate limits in place:

However, it’s very much possible to have up to 100 FQDN’s in a single Let’s Encrypt certificate! I’m not sure though how such a certificate would be generated with DirectAdmin.

Perhaps you can ask DirectAdmin this kind of questions or provide us more information.


I had to reinsall my subdomain a few times and now I have the maximum limit of 20 a week. However, I can not wait 7 days before going live :cry:

is there anyway to solve this?

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