How to Check total requests made by a website per week

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My domain

My operating system is Centos 7

My web server is Apache-Nginx

I can login to a root shell on my machine YES

I’m using a control panel to manage my site :Direct Admin

As i am using Direct admin so i have plugin to install SSL from lets encrypt, previously i was using PLESK and everthing was fine, now i am using one domain and one subdomain , both were added as domain, as i want to use domain pointers for both of them as aliases, however i came to know that if i install SSL on such 2 domains only one will work, in start i was thinking it is a dns issue as i recently changed server, but after digging i found out that i was wrong, and it is directadmin problem, and as i was in panic so i request for ssl certificate from lets encrypt three to four times for main domain as subdomain was working fine,
Now as there is limit of 20 ssls per week, i want to know how much ssl i can generate in this week?? as now i will add subdomian in the panel of main domain , and total 8 domain names will be added in SSL, one main and 7 subdomains. is there any way to check remaining attempts? or can i request to increase limit so that i can use valid https in this week too??

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You can get an idea of how many certificates you have obtained so far by checking

There isn’t a way you can increase the limit, with care though, and only 8 domains, you should be OK.

Thank you, i already check it and i think i can send 14 more requests , however dns propagation is worst thing as i can access a website on newer server while letsencrypt can on old server. however i created SSL via online tool and will install them via directadmin interface after one week.


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