Macbook Sierra makes user choose certificate

My domain is

I had a customer visit the site on his MacBook Sierra operating system and Chrome browser. He got a message to select a certificate. Why is this happening?

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Chrome's certificate selection dialog is for mutual TLS / client certificates, which would be a separate configuration set on that website, unrelated to the Let's Encrypt certificate configuration.

Check that server's webserver configuration for client certificate-related settings and disable them if not used.


On my IIS server? The customer is using MacBook pro.

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Hi @luckybuck

yes, there you have to change your configuration. It's a server configuration.

SSL Settings - Client certificates - select "Ignore".


That might fix it. Thank you.


For anyone reading this topic who doesn't know what client certificates are, I might add that the idea is that the website here is explicitly asking the browser to send a certificate of its own, to use as a login method. This is an unusual login method in most of the web, but is widely used inside some corporate networks for logging in to their own web applications, for example.

So the dialog from Chrome means "this web site is asking you to send a certificate in order to log in; do you have one that would work?". If that's not a usual way that users log into that site, they're naturally going to find this pretty confusing!

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