Lost /etc/letsencrypt/accounts and cannot Use email address

What do you need to do if you lose your /etc/letsencrypt/accounts directory and trying trying to get certificates I keep receiving the following message:

There seem to be problems with that address. Enter email address
(used for urgent notices and lost key recovery)

when I enter the email I used the first time I just get the same message over and over…

What are you suppose to do in this type of situation?

letsencrypt checks for DNS A and/or MX records for the email’s domain part to ensure it’s valid. Maybe the domain doesn’t have valid DNS MX records ?

I deleted my /etc/letsencrypt/ folder to start over. Now, I got authorization procedure. www.example.com (http-01): urn:acme:error:unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Error parsing key authorization file: Invalid key authorization: 1 parts’

What do I do now?

redo the initial letsencrypt install procedure before running client to obtain ssl certificate

Thank you very much. After I cloned the letsencrypt repository and ran the ./letsencrypt-auto command everything worked.

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