Looking for a hint to use Lets Encrypt on Windows with a 3rd party tool


Hey there,

I’m just trying to learn how Lets Encrypt works.

My goal is:

  • I got a Windows Server running Mailstore
  • in Mailstore I can import SSL certificates
  • I got a subdomain like mailstore.alfre.do for which I want the cert
  • mailstore.alfre.do is pointing to the Windows Server running Mailstore

Which of the windows tools managing Lets Encrypt can do this?

  1. generate Cert and save it to a folder
  2. renew cert -> save it to a folder
  3. importing to Mailstore will be “my problem”, I know a common Lets Encrypt/SSL tool won’t solve this issue

Powershell would be perfect. But any other command line tool would also work for me

Big thanks in advance for any hints bringing some light to the dark :slight_smile:

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If you’re using Route53 as it appears (i.e. able to use DNS validation), I believe that Posh-ACME would be perfect for you:


As far as I read about Lets Encrypt the DNS valdiation would be function I need. Thanks for the hint, looking good, my provider also supports an API to update DNS entrys. Big thanks _az!

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