Live Directory path names

I use certonly and --webroot-path=/var/www to setup my ssl certs. I setup multiple domains using -d dev1.domain -d dev2.domain -d dev3.domain -d dev4.domain etc. I’d like to be able to name the /etc/letsencrypt/live/ directory path when I run letsencrypt-auto certonly. Currently the /etc/letsencrypt/live/ directory gets a random-ish directory created from my -d dev1.domain -d dev2.domain -d dev3.domain -d dev4.domain etc string I pass to the creation script. I’d like to make it be domain instead of letsencrypt choosing one of the multiple domains I listed.

Upgrade to version 0.10.1, it has a feature for naming the ‘lineage’ (as it is internally called). I don’t remember the actual switch, but it’ll be something like --cert-name.

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